Test bank and solutions- Labour Relations, Suffield 5th edition

Test bank and solutions- Labour Relations, Suffield 5th edition

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Test bank and solutions- Labour Relations, Suffield 5th edition

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Labour Relations Test bank.

Joseph R. has written:

I don’t typically review test bank and books, But this book and its test bank…really attracts attention. The book gives a deep analysis of all aspects of the relationship between management and labor. Other topics in the test bank include the results of the labor relations process and collective bargaining issues. I would definitely recommend using Suffield’s labour relations test bank for all interested in learning and mastering Human resources/ Labour relations.

The following resources provided by Pearson Canada are now now available in our store. All of these supplements are available as digital download, so that you can gain an access as soon as possible.

1) Faculty power points.
2) Solutions manual ( teacher edition)
3) Instructor’s testing manual TIF – Test bank. Probably this is the most important resource that students can take advantage of. It contains heap of multiple choice questions written taken into consideration all chapter objectives. Test bank is divided into chapters. That is, there is word document for each chapter. Furthermore, you will get access not only to tests but also you will have the optimal answer for each single test question.

Product delivery:

Most people prefer online delivery via email or an attachment since it’s quick and convenient. However, there are some people who still prefer to receive a printable version of the test bank. If that’s the case, we will ship you a paper copy of the resource you would like to receive (test bank, power points…. etc) to the address you specify.

We always recommend getting a sample prior to ordering. By that you make sure that the content matches your expectations. If you would like to get your free sample for Labor relations test bank, hurry up and contact us now!

Note A: This version is based on current Canadian laws. If you are based in different country, you may want to consider another version of Labour relations book that is consistent with your country.

Note B: This is not the actual book, but the accompanying resources to support the text. If you are looking to buy the book itself please purchase here.

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