Information Systems v6.0 By Gallaugher | Full test bank

Information Systems v6.0 By Gallaugher | Full test bank

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Information Systems v6.0 By Gallaugher | Full test bank

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Gallaugher’s test bank

The author does a good job of addressing specifics of Information Systems, that can change very quickly, in a broad way by focusing on the overall management and organizational issues and then illustrating those issues with examples from current events and organizations. Overall these examples are recent and relevant. Many of the specific company references are in specially formatted content boxes so they would be easy to remove/modify, or are addressed in whole chapters that could be removed/modified. Organizational references made within the general text are broad enough that they would not have to be removed, but could be updated to reflect recent events.


The textbook comes with couple of useful resources to make teaching and learning more efficient.


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